Adsterra vs AdSense Review: Which is best?

Adsterra vs AdSense Review: Which is best?

Adsterra is the top pop-under network that has grown very fast in terms of popularity and scale. It mainly runs campaigns from affiliates and advertisers who want to increase their app downloads. It serves more than 30 billion impressions per month having a reach of more than 248 countries.

With more than 100k successful campaigns, it has covered more than 6000k leads in the last month. Whereas AdSense is the largest contextual ad network having more than millions of publishers that are using it. 

Therefore, we made a post where you will learn the difference between Adsterra and AdSense and which is the best for you. If you want to get complete details about these networks then read this article carefully till the end.

Adsterra vs AdSense Review 2023 and Which is best?

Adsterra vs AdSense Review: Which is best?
Adsterra vs AdSense Review: Which is best?

Here we are going to discuss the difference between Adsterra and AdSense:

1. Minimum Traffic Requirement

There are no minimum traffic criteria for both AdSense or Adsterra. But if you want to run AdSense ads on your site then you should have some organic traffic and your site should be a few months old to be approved by AdSense. 

Whereas Adsterra requires minimum traffic volume and your site should be approved every with 1-2k page views a day.

2. Revenue Share Percentage

AdSense charges 32% for display ads and 50% for search ads. Therefore, publishers get 68% from AdSense for content and 50% for search. AdSense for search is valid and can make good revenue if you have got a site where a large volume of your visitors uses the search functionality of your website.

Therefore, incorporating AdSense for search can increase your overall revenue. Normally, the CPC rates of AdSense for search are 1.5 times higher than AdSense for content.

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3. Ad Quality

Adsterra is one of the most popular for pop-under and Web Push. Recently, they just release a new ad format Social Bar. It is highly customized and comes with 5 highly engaging ad types: Custom Banners (any Html/CSS features), In-Page Push, Chat, Survey, and Video Bars. 

Social Bar is a 5-in-one deal so you can combine and match as many types as you want in a single campaign. Some proven benefits of the Social Bar: CTR is 20x-30x higher and leads to a higher conversion rate (A/B test) as compared to web push.

Whereas AdSense is known to keep top quality for all the ads displayed under its network of publisher websites.

4. Publisher List

Adsterra is working with 14k+ direct publishers. Many major publishers are also working with this network.

Whereas AdSense as a program is run by all major publishers in the world.

5. Advertiser List

AdSense has more than 4 million advertisers in the world. 

6. Ad Formats

Adsterra vs AdSense Review: Which is best?

Adsterra has different ad formats: Popunders, Web Push, Native Ads, Social Bar, Vast, and Banners.

Whereas AdSense provides various ad formats to its users. The ad formats are display ads, text ads, link ads, in-feed native ads, in-article ads, vignette ads, anchor ads, and auto ads. 

Adsterra primarily has pop-under as the original ad format.

7. CPM Rates

The CPM or RPM in AdSense depends on your niche, audience geography, quality of traffic, and ad placements. AdSense is a PPC network publisher that gets paid by clicks. But CPC rates depend on the engagement and conversion metric of your site.

Whereas Adsterra work well on torrent, gaming, and download sites and the CPM rates can be about $5 and above for tier-one traffic and $1 for tier 3 traffic. However, most of the pop-under networks are CPA based.

8. Payments & Earnings Report

You can withdraw your earnings from AdSense when reaches a minimum of $100 and is paid on a NET 21 days basis. So, your earnings will be transferred into your bank account on the 25th of every month.

But, Adsteraa has an auto-withdraw process and pays on NET for 15 days. So, you don’t need to request payment. However, both AdSense and Adsterra provide an immediate payment process and timely payment.


Is Adsterra better than Google AdSense?

Adsterra is a good ad network that publishers can use with any amount of traffic. If you have a large amount of traffic of US or European traffic then this ad network will be a great option for you. It also provides high payments that are comparable to Google AdSense, which makes it a good alternative to AdSense.

Is there anything better than Google AdSense? is a great alternative to Google AdSense in terms of ad types. It is also a contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing that offers high-paying ads. So, if you have quality content on your site then there is a high chance that you will get approval quickly.

What pays more than Google AdSense?

Header bidding is paying more than Google AdSense. It enables its users to connect advertising space to various advertising partners. And this increases the competition and earnings.

How much does Adsterra pay per click?

As you see in your ad network that your CPM is $2, then your daily earnings will come like: 10,000 page views/ 1000 (cost per thousand impressions) will be 10. You got 10 CPMs which means you will be paid $2 ten times. In total, you will get $20 per day for one single site.


Since AdSense is an important ad network for all types of publishers. This ad network pays well for niche traffic and can be profitable for small and mid-sized publishers. So, you don’t worry about revenue returns from your content and you can concentrate on building more quality content.

On the other hand, Adsterra is also a network that runs decent pop-under ads and enables publishers to monetize their sites at fair rates. But we don’t recommend you to use both AdSense and Adsterra because some malware concerns were raised by Google on publishers who were using Adsetarra ad tags.

I hope this article on AdSense vs Adsterra will provide you with all information and some insights into these two famous ad networks. So, if you have a question related to this article, you can freely ask in the comment box.

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