Legit Ways to Earn Money by Answering Questions

Legit Ways to Earn Money by Answering Questions

There are many legit ways to earn money online on the internet today. Answering questions is one of them. You can make money online easily by answering other people’s questions. It is very easy to do this online work.

There are real websites that provide these kinds of services for people. It allows people to ask any question and experts will answer their questions for money. If the answer has value, then experts can generate good income from them.

Therefore, we are going to tell you legit sites where you can earn money by answering questions. So, if you know any particular field then these answer-question sites are for you.

Legit Ways to Earn Money by Answering Questions

Below is the list of Q/A-based apps where you can answer people’s questions and earn money online.

1. JustAnswer

It is one of the most popular sites for experts to earn money online in 2022. They have a chat system that enables you to communicate with the client easily. If you want to become an expert on this site then you have to be good in the particular field you’re applying for.

There are many fields you can choose from like finance, law, homework, cars, animals, computers, etc. Once you have selected your specific field, now you will have to submit your personal information along with your documents such as a scanned copy of your degree or diploma and certificates etc.

After submitting your applicating you can expect a response in 5 to 10 days.

Payment Details

It pays you through Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal. Payment rates vary from $20 to $50 per question or more.

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2. PrestoExperts

It is well-known for having around-the-clock support for a broad range of questions in any given field. From teaching in any subject to business solutions to technical support or mental health counselling and more. To become an expert on this site, you can select a category that matches your service.

To join this site, you have to submit your application with personal information and your expertise in the field you are applying for. The best thing about this site is that you can register for multiple categories. Once you are selected, you will get an invitation through email.

Payment Details

It pays you through PayPal or checks. Being an expert, you can select your fee per session. You can set up your rates per minute for a session.

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3. Maven

It is one of the most popular micro-consulting companies where they hire consultants from all over the world. These consultants guide users in their daily decision-making.

If you want to become a micro-consultant, you have to register on this site and fill out the application form. You can select an hourly consulting rate that you think is fine and start building your profile.

Payment Details

It pays you through check. You can choose your hourly rates on basis of their expertise.

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4. Experts123

Experts123 is a little bit different from other sites on our list. You can answer people’s questions by answering or writing articles that are helpful for them. If more visitors come to your answer or articles, the more money you earn. And if you get some followers on your articles, this site will also invite you to write paid articles for their clients.

To join Expers123, you have to register yourself and fill out your profile. After this, fill out your expertise in specific fields. You can write articles on different categories such as technology, health, beauty, cooking entertainment and other topics.

Payment Details

It pays you through PayPal. The payment rate depends on the revenue share of the money you earn from your articles.

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5. 6ya

It is a site that helps people with all types of questions and answers. On this site, you make money helping people over the phone call. You can take calls directly from your mobile. You can also select your schedule and work in your comfort.

After setting up your profile and choosing call hours, you can start working as an expert. There are various categories that you can join and offer support services to people. However, it is currently available in the US only.

Payment Details

It pays you through direct deposit. You will not get any fees for a service call of less than 1 minute. For calls longer than 1 minute you will be paid $3.

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6. Earn.com

It is a different site of the same nature that pays you in Bitcoin. They hire experts in different fields and pay them to reply to emails and also complete tasks.

To join this site, you have to set up your profile and choose your skills and expertise. After completing your profile, you will get messages from researchers, recruiters, and other companies about your field of expertise.

Payment Details

It pays its users in Bitcoin. So, if you want to explore the cryptocurrency world, then this will be the best option for you.

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7. StudyPool

It is an online tutoring-based question-and-answer website. This site allows its users to earn money online by answering students’ questions. Tutors can browse different categories of topics to select from and answer the question related to them.

To become a tutor, you can sign up from your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. Once all is done, complete your profile including your education and expertise.

Payment Details

It pays you through a PayPal account. Questions can vary from $1 and more.

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How much can I earn by answering the questions?

It depends on your expertise in your field. The more client will reach you, the more money you will earn.

Can I earn money by answering questions on other platforms?

Off course, you can provide services on different platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


Earning money online by answering questions can be the best way to start your income. If you have expertise in any field such as law, health, or technology then consider joining one of the sites given above.

So, it was all about legit ways to make money online by answering questions at home. So, if you have any questions or want to say about this article, you can share them in the comment box.

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