How to Earn Money Online by Selling Videos

Selling videos is a great method to earn money online. If you already make videos then this method will be easier for you than others. Maybe you might sell photos online but it’s time to make money online from selling videos.

Therefore, we will be discussed 5 websites where you can sell your videos and make money online in 2022. So, follow this article to learn about websites where you will earn money from selling your videos.

Top 5 Most Profitable Places to Sell Videos Online

So, here are the websites to make money online by selling videos in Pakistan.

1. Uscreen

How to Earn Money Online by Selling Videos

Uscreen is a good site where you can upload any video and set your own price. Where videos can be sold as subscriptions, rentals, one-time payments, or simply available for free. 

But this site is not ideal for all kinds of video content. You should upload educational videos, fitness videos, entertainment, corporate training, or material for membership websites if you want to do well with this site.

Videos, images, and audio can be uploaded to Uscreen with the help of Dropbox syncs and uploaded through FTP. You can also customize your content with logos and branding before uploading. This site provides everything from hosting and marketing tools to payment and content delivery. If you think that your videos are suitable for this site, then you can sign up today.

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2. Vimeo

How to Earn Money Online by Selling Videos

Vimeo is another platform where you can upload your videos and make handsome money. It offers Vimeo PRO subscribers 90% of the revenue and the option to make videos available to rent or purchase. It also offers the $14 monthly subscription feature with a risk-free 30 days free trial. However, you can try it without having to commit.

On this platform, you can also set your own price. Vimeo also offers statistics where you can see the all stats about your videos. 

3. Amazon

How to Earn Money Online by Selling Videos

Do you know that Amazon can be used to sell videos and earn money online? Yes! There are 2 options available:

  • CreateSpace DVD on Demand

It can create retail-ready DVDs which eligible for listing on IMDb and you can print with full colours and discs. This product is professional and its cost of $4.95 per unit is fixed. This method Is used to ensure your disc to stays in production by being produced on demand.

  • Amazon Video Direct

Amazon Video Direct is also available as a digital-only option. It means that your productions will be ready to purchase or stream on Amazon Video, Fire TV, Phones, tablets or anything that can access Amazon video streaming services.

Full performance metrics are also available but royalties can be earned through revenue share, subscription, purchases, ad impressions or a combination of all these.

4. iTunes

It is Apple’s famous media site where you can earn money from your videos. But user-generated videos (made with a smartphone or webcam) are not accepted. However, you need to make the best quality content such as movies and documentaries.

There are many Apple partners so you should be able to find one to work with. The best in this platform is that they will prepare your video for listing on iTunes for a fee to enable you to sell it. 

5. Newsflare (No Longer Available)

Are your movies not produced beautiful? Or your videos are events, produced on a smartphone, that can only hit the news?

Newsflare licenses videos to big news companies and brands in the world, everything from virals to public interest about animals, babies, and also crime, accidents, and much more. If it is about news, then you can sell your videos on this platform.

It offers both Android and iOS apps to upload your videos. There is also an option to contribute to paid projects. You can start after registering on this site. However, it might be difficult to make the first sale, but it is a good option you should keep in mind. 


How much money can we earn from selling videos?

When you will start your earrings can be $50 per month. However, when you produce a quality portfolio, your earnings will increase.

Where can we sell video clips?

There are many websites where you can earn money by selling video clips such as iStock, Shutterstock, Vimeo, VideoHive, etc.

Can we sell videos on YouTube?

You cannot sell videos on YouTube but you can monetize your YouTube channel after completing its requirements. Your content should be original and meet the YouTube requirements also. After monetization of your channel, you can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube.


If you are making quality content already then it’s the right time to sell your video on these big platforms to start making extra money online. However, there are also other platforms where you can sell your videos more easily than these platforms. If you’re a beginner then you should start from low to high.

I hope you will understand how you can earn money by selling your videos on these platforms. If you don’t understand and have some questions you can freely ask in the comment box.

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