How to Earn Money by Watching Videos 2022

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos 2022

This is a good choice if you already watch videos when you are free at home. So, you should earn money by this method. Many companies give money for watching videos online. So, next time you can make money by watching video ads.
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How Much can you Earn Money by Watching Videos?

Watching online videos can provide you with some extra money every month. But it’s not a full-time job. You can make nearly $100 per month if you watch videos consistently. You can also make money by taking actual surveys. Some sites offer points that can be exchanged for free cards.

5 Websites That Give Money by Watching Online Videos

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos 2022

Here are some websites that pay to watch videos online:

1. MyPoints

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos 2022

It lets its users earn rewards for watching online videos. Usually, it is a shopping rewards site. But you make money by watching online videos and even taking surveys. They also give a $10 gift card when you sign up. Your earned points can be cashed in travel miles, Paypal, or gift cards.

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2. Netflix

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos 2022

Online employees must watch films and TV shows to tag them for search results. This is a good job opportunity. So, you can make money as a part-time job in your spare time. Note that you should wait for some options to be posted on their site before you spend all your time watching online videos to make money.

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3. Swagbucks

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos 2022

It allows you to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards. They have full of entertaining videos to watch. You can also choose the types of videos you like most and earn points by watching several videos. You can also get extra points by shopping online, playing games, and taking surveys online. They have a mobile app where you can watch videos for points. The more time you spend, the higher effectiveness you will get.

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4. GrabPoints

You can earn money by watching videos, taking online surveys, and downloading apps. There are an array of video and ads to choose from. It offers gift cards and PayPal cash for doing various online activities. You can withdraw from $5 to $200 or more.

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5. InboxDollars

It offers points by watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping online. The brands give money to the site for customer input. They provide a $5 on the first signup. You can exchange your points for actual cash or gift cards. You can withdraw money through PayPal.

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If you watch videos regularly, you can quickly earn up to $100 per month. Above, you can choose the site where you want to make money by watching ads. You can also increase your earnings by referring your friends to the site.
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