How to Find Trending Topics Easily

How to Find Trending Topics Easily

When we try to find out what’s trending online, we go to Twitter. Undoubtedly, it is the best social media for breaking news and trends

For content creators and videos, a trending topic is very important to rank higher on the first page. That’s why we provide you with the facility of the top 5 websites to find trending topics easily.

Here are the best sites to help you to find trending topics online.

1. Google Trends

It is an online tool where you can find the trending and most popular searches in different categories. Here you can search by region or recently trending searches. 

The recent advancement of Google Trends is its incorporation into Google Search. Now, Google is not only for searching queries but you can also read the most trending topic of your interest.

2. Twitter

Its trends are based on users’ tweets. Twitter tweets are short and easy to send. They have the most up-to-date information on the internet. The disadvantage is that they are user based. Therefore, the accuracy of the content is not always verified. 

If you want to verify the information, look for the verified blue check mark. 

3. YouTube

After Google, it is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. It helps to find valuable resources for discovering trending topics

It shows its trending content into 4 categories: Now, Music, Gaming, and Films. 

4. Quora

It provides its users with personalized information feeds while encouraging them to answer the question in their areas of knowledge. Quora aim to “share and grow the world’s knowledge” by creating a massive database of answers to questions. 

You can search the Top Stories feed on your Home Page to see the most popular Quora content. 

5. Reddit

It has its style of trending topics. Reddit has the most authentic and exciting conversations on the internet. Here you’ll find some silly things, this “front page of the internet” can provide you with the pulsation of what’s hot in popular culture.


There are many tools to find trending topics for your videos or articles, but we shared the top 5 most used websites. These sites are best for content writers and YouTubes to find the best topic for your audience.

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