Pros and Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

Pros and Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial mod of the original WhatsApp that most people are using. The mod offers many features that are not available in the original version. For instance, it allows its users to hide the last seen status, the blue ticks, and also the second tick. It has a completely different interface and theme.

Despite these advantages, there are also some disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp instead of the original WhatsApp messenger. Therefore, we will share the complete pros and cons of using GB WhatsApp for Android phones.

Pros and Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

Let’s get started with the pros of GB WhatsApp.

Pros of Using GB WhatsApp


Pros and Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

There are different themes available in GB WhatsApp and you can choose any available theme and apply it easily.

Hide Online Status

You can easily hide your last seen, online status, double tick, blue tick, and second tick by using GB WhatsApp. These features are not available in the original WhatsApp messenger.

Hide Chats

You can also hide your chats from anyone by using this app if you don’t want anyone to see them. This feature is also not available in the original WhatsApp messenger.

Restore Deleted Messages

This app also provides the feature to easily restore deleted messages. This is such a helpful feature for all users.

Set Auto-Reply

In this app, you can also set auto-reply. This feature is very useful when you are offline and do not have time to reply to people. 

Now it’s time to discuss the cons of GB WhatsApp.

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Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

Pros and Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

Not Safe

Many people recommend that it’s not safe to use any modded version of any app because they may steal your data or do anything else which may harm you and your mobile. So, it’s better to use original apps.

No Official Website

The main disadvantage of GB WhatsApp is that it has no official website. It means if your data is stolen by using this app then you can do nothing.

Not Verified by Play Protect

This is another disadvantage of GB WhatsApp is that it’s not verified by Google Play Store. Because this app doesn’t follow the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store. 

You May Get Banned

If any person reports you for using a third-party app, then there are chances that your account may get banned permanently.

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Reasons why you should stop using GB WhatsApp

Pros and Cons of Using GB WhatsApp

No doubt, GB WhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp mod app in the world, but there’re many reasons why you should not use GB WhatsApp. So, here is the main reason and if you have any opinion on this topic, you can tell us in the comment box below.

First, keep in mind that WhatsApp GB is not an official app and also violates the terms and conditions of the original WhatsApp company. So, if you have any issues with this app, you will not be able to get any help from their support team. They have also access to your chats, pictures, and other data that you send and receive on this app. So, they may use your personal data without your permission. 

  • You can lose your account or get banned if you use this app.
  • You may get viruses on your mobile when installing it.
  • Your personal data such as messages, media files, and contacts can be stolen by hackers because it’s not a safe app.
  • This app might have malware that may harm other apps on your mobile or your whole device.
  • It also violates the terms & conditions of WhatsApp.
  • It uses much more battery life than regular WhatsApp because it has various advanced features.
  • This app does not run properly on some phones that don’t support the advanced features of this app. 
  • There’s no automatic update for GB WhatsApp: if you want to update it then you need to uninstall and reinstall it again by downloading the latest version from a third-party website. 


Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

There’s always a security risk with all unofficial apps when using them and liking them (like Snapchat++). Pay close attention to what you give permissions to these types of apps. So, always choose the least number of permissions for an app to work properly.

Is WhatsApp GB safe for video calls?

As we discussed above, it’s not verified by play protect. So, it means it’s not safe for video calls. Your data can easily be accessed by a third-party app.

Why do people use GB WhatsApp instead of the original WhatsApp?

People like GB WhatsApp feature because it enables you to hide many types of personal information in your WhatsApp profile activity. You can completely hide all messages and data there sent or received by you.

Is GB WhatsApp better than the original WhatsApp?

If we talk about features, then GB WhatsApp is better because it provides the same WhatsApp experience but with extra features that the original WhatsApp doesn’t have. But if we think about security, then the original WhatsApp is better than GB WhatsApp as they claim that they don’t use your personal data.

Who is the founder of GB WhatsApp?

Atnfas Hoak is the founder of WhatsApp GB. 


As we said before that WhatsApp GB is a mod version of WhatsApp for Android users. It has some extra features as compared to the official WhatsApp. And you cannot find this app on the Google Play Store because of a third-party app. But you can download and install it on the internet.

As it’s not an official all, using it can harm you and your device too. The developers of this app can add malicious code in this app that can expose your mobile to hackers. 

GB WhatsApp may be a good option if you don’t take your security and privacy seriously, as it offers some features not found in the official app. 

So, we hope you liked our article about the pros and cons of using GB WhatsApp. And don’t forget to share this helpful information with your friends and also on social media.

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