Why iPhone is so Expensive in Pakistan?

Why iPhone is so Expensive in Pakistan?

In this article, you will be informed that what are the reasons why iPhone is so expensive in Pakistan? You will be provided full details about it.

As we know, the iPhone is so expensive in Pakistan that everyone can not capable to buy it. In Pakistan, only 6% of people have an iPhone. Now, it is the era of technology. Today. The world has changed in the past days because of technology. In this era, smartphones are in a high position. Everyone needs a smartphone as it become a vital part of our life. Those who do not have a smartphone, are considered non-existent in the present time. 

You might hear that the iPhone is more expensive in Pakistan than in other countries. There are 3 reasons why it is expensive global chip shortage, the Black market in Pakistan, the PTA tax on luxury mobiles, etc. And it is still expensive for the common man to buy it. Generally, Apple is more costly than other mobile brands. This is another reason. But its style and quality are the best.

Global Chip Shortage

In this way, we have a few factors to view. As we told above the global chip shortage. The global chip shortage has badly affected the smartphone industry. It is because of the pandemic outbreaks. The Apple factory in Vietnam is not performing well. The employers are working in shifts. And the problems are to continue. In the recent pandemic, the use of smartphones, laptops and pads has increased many. That is why there Is much stress. 

Black Market of iPhone

The black marketing of the iPhone in Pakistan is another reason to discuss. It is an illegal trade that takes place in secret. The aim of this is that they increase or decrease the prices of mobiles to evade tax. Some people who have a lot of money, avoid waiting in line for iPhones.

PTA Taxes

PTA Taxes on Mobile Phones

The other reason we have to discuss is the huge tax on luxury phones of PTA. As we know, the government increased the taxes on luxury phones. That’s why iPhone is becoming more expensive. The government imposes a 17% tax on mobiles by their market price. PTA collects that. By tax, the price of mobiles has been increased about 30% from the original value.

These were the factors behind the huge prices of iPhones in Pakistan. If the iPhone industry brings their plant to Pakistan, then you will see the low prices of iPhones. We know some people do not see this huge price to buy iPhone because they like it. We hope that the price of the iPhone will be decreased very soon.

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